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Parallel Roads

A Entrepreneurial programme for young people to learn business skills.

What Did I Get Up To?

In April I took part in a social enterprise programme where young ethnic minorities came together with their businesses or business ideas and learnt skills about business and developed our ideas.

This was really useful as I learnt more about the business side of business, multiple entrepreneurs came in sharing their stories of how they started and grew their businesses and gave us tips. I also networked with the entrepreneurs and the participants that took part in this programme. We learnt a variety of things such as branding, marketing, financials and budgeting.

At the end of the programme there was a pitch about our business to the hosts of the programme, viewed by entrepreneurs and friends and family. One contestant was chosen winner. After Parallel Roads we were each given mentors to help us with our businesses. I regularly met with my mentor who ran her own cake business in italy and I learnt allot of skills that i could use to enhance my business.

There will be regular meetings with the graduates to share updates with our progress, furthermore I will stay in contact with my networks to develop my business further.

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