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New Fruits & Cream Cupcakes

We have improved our fruits and cream cupcake recipes!

Our new cakes our vanilla flavoured and filled with oozing fruit compote. Topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits, the perfect topping to marry the flavours together.

The old cupcakes had fresh fruit folded through the cupcake mix, as tasty as they were the folding of the fruits made the cupcakes quite dense.

I wanted a juicy cupcake with oozing centers and I believe the fruits and cream cupcakes were perfect for this.

We also changed the pineapple flavour to mango, beautiful addition to the range, these cupcakes aren't to be missed out on.

These cupcakes are simply delicious in their presentation and taste, so much that I used the cherry cupcake as inspiration for the Granted Cakes Logo!

Who doesn't love fruits & cream? Deliciously moist vanilla cake filled with a fresh fruit compote then finished off with creamy whipped cream. Its the perfect combination! Order your fruits and cream cupcakes now via the website.

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