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Bake Off The Professionals!

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I took part in Bake Off The Professionals 2019!

Pushed My Skills To The Test!

I decided to take part in one of the toughest patisserie competitions in the UK, my friend Sanjam Nagpal contacted me to see if I would like to join her to take part in Bake Off The Professionals.

I met Sanjam through catering college when I done my pastry skills level 3 course. We got along really well and were amongst the top students of the class. Back in college the competition was called Creme de la Creme with teams of 3 and we always used to joke about applying for it with our college tutor. Little did we know we would end up being on the show. Read the Trafford College article about us going on the show here: https://trafford.ac.uk/the-college/news/trafford-college-students-star-in-new-series-of-bake-off-the-professionals

Sanjam approached me talking about applying for the show, we were laughing and talking about all the things that could go wrong so we didn't apply. Later on that month I received a phone call off Sanjam saying that she has applied for both of us to go on the show. I was shocked and thought there is no turning back now. We continued with the application process doing interviews and auditions and next thing we know we were selected as one of the 12 chosen teams to compete in the competition. Find out more about the judges, and other teams here: https://www.realitytitbit.com/whats-on/meet-the-cast-of-bake-off-the-professionals-2019-start-date-judges-and-more

We pushes are skills to the limit, being the youngest team in the competition and not as experienced in showpieces we knew we had allot to do. We self taught ourselves with chocolate and sugar showpieces and also went back to our college to practice.

The first challenge round one was to make the classic Gateau Basque (A traditional dessert from the northern basque region of France, typically filled with black cherry jam and pastry cream) We also had to reinvent the apple tarte tatin, the judges wanted us to use our imagination to reinvent this dessert to something they have not seen before but making sure we keep the flavour of an apple tarte tatin. The second round was the showpiece challenge where we had to base the showpiece on Battenberg cake, we had a choice of sugar or chocolate showpiece. Me and Sanjam decided to create a chocolate dress to represent the wedding. After a tough challenge and lots of ups and downs we managed to get through to the next round!

Overall Bake Off The Professionals was a great experience, nothing like I have ever done before. I learnt allot in the process and boosted my confidence skills. Now I have experience in competitions like this I wouldn't rule out applying for more. You can watch Bake Off The Professionals Season 2 here: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/bake-off-the-professionals/on-demand/67796-001

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